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DHW Raceway


Welcome to the DHW Raceway!
  The DHW Raceway is an on-road track that is run by Jason Moreno (See the picture to the left). There is a new race every other Sunday and there are various different classes available to race with. Just some of the classes available are novice, sport: Electric Stock, 19T, Modied 1/18 micro class, and more! Look below for a full list of Classes available.

Entry Fee

$5.00 each additional Class

Current Racing Classes Available

-1/10 novice
-1/10 stock (17.5)
-1/10 19turn(13.5)
-1/10 Modified
-18r Kids
-18r stock
-18r modified
-slash class



    Our racetrack is located in the parking lot behind the Discount Hobby Warehouse Store.The track is set up on race day and taken down after the races have been finished for the day. People of all ages are encouraged to come and watch the racing (if not join themselves). The racing is every other Sunday and is run by Frank Mijares, who is friendly and dedicated to helping you have the best racing experience possible. Racing practice starts at 8:30am and the racing starts at 10:00am. For the Slash Class we have wooden jumps on the track. A word of caution, you must bring your own power and shade; if you do not have your own power there are usually friendly racers who are happy to help out new racers. To ensure a good racing experience make sure to bring chair, table, extra crystals (in case your channel is taken), food (although Discount Hobby Warehouse is conveniently located in the center of many food places: Jack in the Box, Arbies, Carles Juniors, Tommys, ect.). In case you dont know the best tires, or tire-sauce for best racing on our track always feel free to call Discount Hobby Warehouse with your questions: 858 560-9633.

   Discount Hobby Warehouse is also open on track days so whenever you need parts it is an easy walk into the store for replacement parts and great advice to help you race better. We are here to have fun, we arefamily-oriented, so the whole purpose is to have fun and meet other friendly rc racers, and have a great experience.

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